Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 4 Blog Project



This is a new children's movie that came out in theaters recently and the trailer got my attention on TV because it is adorable and the music in the beginning of the trailer catches your attention right away.

The trailer starts off be playing a rap song called What it is by Xzibit which catches the audiences attention. Gru is in his car with his new accomplish and acts tough by hitting the car next to him. The trailer then continues on to play the song Bad by Michael Jackson which leads into showing the villain in the movie. The trailer plots out that the two are going to fight over something which is the pink jewel in the trailer. The main character Gru is in every despicable me movie along with his minions and the girls he adopted.

The trailer is about two and a half minutes long. I first saw the trailer on TV and saw it again on Facebook about a week later.

Persuasive techniques that the creators use is making you side with the main character because someone more evil is in the movie. He always has a mission against an evil person and they want the audience to be against them. They also show the villain doing things to stop Gru and he embarrasses him in front of people.

This ad is pretty similar to most movie trailers. They usually use music to attract people since today's culture uses music for everything. Most movies also pin things on a villain so that the audience is for the main character before the movie even is out. An example of this in the trailer is the villain pushing Gru off the ship and he started falling but was caught by a big bubble of gum. There is also a point in the trailer where the villain challenges Gru to a dance off because Gru is trying to knock him out. The target audience is younger children. The minions talk in a different language that is equivalent to baby talk.

The main strength of the ad is the music. The songs they use are very popular and now when people hear those songs they will associate them with the movie. Another strength that the movie has is the creativity. Gru loses all his clothes when the villain is blowing him off the ship and when he is blown off he is caught by the bubble and it catches him so you know he doesn't have close on which causes the audience to laugh. Some of the weaknesses the trailer has is the beginning doesn't really tie into the rest of the trailer. The people in the other car don't have anything to do with the villain or the rest of the trailer at all. Although it has weaknesses the trailer is memorable because of its humor. The trailer end with the funniest scene so that is what the audience will remember the most. A lot of children love the minions in the movie so when they display the minions in the trailer it appeals to the target audience even more. The minions tend to be the ones causing trouble and mayhem in the previous trailers and that is something younger children can relate to.

Forbes posted an article about the trailer when it came out in December stating that "Despicable Me 3 is going to be one of the biggest movies of the summer." The popularity that the other movies generated was tremendous and created millions of dollars in revenue. They also discussed that even if parents are sick of seeing Gru, children aren't.

Based on the trailer I would consider going to see the movie. I have younger siblings that are dying to see it so I will probably end up taking them to go see it. Younger kids love the minions and think the are hilarious. I would recommend the movie to parents with younger children.

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