Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week 7 Blog Project

The current show I am watching on Netflix is Limitless. Only one season has come out and I just watched the 22nd episode of the season on August 8th.  This show is classified as a crime tv drama and has an average rating of five stars on Netflix. In this particular episode Brian, the main character, is given NZT, which is a drug that the FBI provides him with as long as he works for them. Meanwhile they are studying him because they think he doesn’t get the side effects like everyone else but little do they do know he gets an immunity shot from Senator Mora and his posy. Sans, the guy that provides Brian’s immunity shot has gone rogue and has captured a girl that Brian is in love with and used to work for Senator Mora. Brian uses NZT to find Piper and arrest Sans. Piper is the only person besides Senator Mora that knows how to make the immunity shot, which Brian is no longer receiving since Sans went rogue. At the end of the episode they capture Sans and the lab blows up and they don’t find Piper, so Brian assumes she is dead. When he returns home at the end of the night, Piper is there and explains that she escaped when the explosion happened and made it out of there with the immunity shot she finally created. It is different than the other immunity shots because she found a way to make it so the shot lasts for life and not for two weeks. She gives it to Brian and explains that she now has to leave so no one finds her. After she leaves the episode ends and this is also the end of the season.

 The creator of the show is Craig Sweeny and some of the main characters are Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter, Hill Harper, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.
The main character dresses like typical twenty-year old’s. He dropped out of college and was always getting in trouble in high school. He smokes marijuana all the time and just chills at home if he is not working at the FBI. A lot of younger people can relate to him because he has real family issues/life problems. The other main characters are accomplished FBI agents how are very strict and knowledgeable. This show kind of reminds me of Castle. In Castle there is an agent who isn’t actually qualified to be a part of the department but comes along for his books and falls in love with one of the agents much like Brian does.

There are lots of stereotypes in this show. Like I have already said Brain is stereotyped as a college dropout who lives at home with his parents, can’t find a stable job, eats all day, and smokes marijuana. They also stereotype the FBI agents by the way they are all dressed in suits all day, every day. Even when they aren’t at work in the show they are wearing suits. They don’t do anything at work and any of them that attempt to go on dates have a failing love life and can’t get past the first date. I think the creators are targeting people in their twenties that can relate to Brian in some sense or another. If someone from another country watched this they would probably think our government is ran by complete idiots and that half the time they fool around and don’t employee the right people. They would also think that there are people working for the government that are traders or spies.

I think the creators do a really good job at relating this to their typical target audience. Sometimes the show gets a little boring when Brian goes off on his own but then they bring it back by having him do something really insane that gets himself into trouble. I personally enjoyed watching the show and can’t wait for another season to come out. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Week 9 Blog

Topic 1:

A lot of instances I can think of where eyebrows were raised all involve my parents or an adult. Most of the times kids download music on their phones and play music in their car off an aux cord. Once I started driving I had one in my car and my parents would occasionally ride in the car with either my siblings and I or my friends and I. Of course they disapproved of our "vulgar" music and would always give me "the look" every time. My parents love hip hop music but they don't agree with some of the choices artists today choose to talk about in their songs. It was always somewhat awkward for me when my parents would do this, especially if it was one of my friends playing the music. The two kinds of music I mainly listen to are hip hop and country. Some of my favorite artists are Wiz Khalifa, Keith Urban, and Snoop Dogg.

Topic 2:

I think the idea of these students running a radio station is a great idea. I am very big on getting people to be involved as much as they can be, so I love when students come up with new ideas. I think something they could consider is broadcasting sporting events that are occurring at Linn Benton. They could also come up with some format to produce to different clubs and organizations that will pay them to advertise. I think this is also a big way they can get some funding for it as well. I also think if they were to broadcast things for the school they may consider funding them.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Week 8 Blog

Topic 1

Some of the book on the list of banned books I have read. Some examples are Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, To Kill a Mockingbird, Gossip Girl, and The Hunger Games. Some of these books do have some sexual scenes in them and can be a bit gory at times. On the other hand I think some of them are appropriate enough for mature children. I think some objections to a few of these book are reasonable, like Fifty Shades of Grey. I know some adult women who don't even think that book is appropriate so I do agree that sometimes books shouldn't be available in the school library. But I do think some of the books are a bit excessive to not have on the list. I read To Kill a Mockingbird my freshman year of high school and I saw no problem with it. Some people say it is too racist for students but I think that it is good to understand that this did happen and is even continuing today in some sense. If you were to look on my bookshelf at home you would find all these books and a lot of Nicholas Sparks books. I am a huge romantic and love to buy the movies too.

Topic 2

I am not a big magazine person. Even when I do go to the dentist or doctors office I don't pick them up. We have our phones now so a lot of people just choose to get on their phone real quick and go through social media while they are waiting. Some magazines that I have read are Cosmopolitan, Better Home and Garden, and Vogue. I like seeing all the different styles they suggest are new and popular. They also usually advertise products that are trending and give reviews on them. I love looking at house decor and different decorating techniques which is why I have chose to pick up Better Homes and Garden in the past. A lot of the reasons I don't read magazines anymore is because I have Pinterest and it is easily accessible from my phone. Most of the products I pay attention to are make up products. They advertise Maybelline a lot and sometimes there are more expensive products like tarte or MAC.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 4 Blog Project



This is a new children's movie that came out in theaters recently and the trailer got my attention on TV because it is adorable and the music in the beginning of the trailer catches your attention right away.

The trailer starts off be playing a rap song called What it is by Xzibit which catches the audiences attention. Gru is in his car with his new accomplish and acts tough by hitting the car next to him. The trailer then continues on to play the song Bad by Michael Jackson which leads into showing the villain in the movie. The trailer plots out that the two are going to fight over something which is the pink jewel in the trailer. The main character Gru is in every despicable me movie along with his minions and the girls he adopted.

The trailer is about two and a half minutes long. I first saw the trailer on TV and saw it again on Facebook about a week later.

Persuasive techniques that the creators use is making you side with the main character because someone more evil is in the movie. He always has a mission against an evil person and they want the audience to be against them. They also show the villain doing things to stop Gru and he embarrasses him in front of people.

This ad is pretty similar to most movie trailers. They usually use music to attract people since today's culture uses music for everything. Most movies also pin things on a villain so that the audience is for the main character before the movie even is out. An example of this in the trailer is the villain pushing Gru off the ship and he started falling but was caught by a big bubble of gum. There is also a point in the trailer where the villain challenges Gru to a dance off because Gru is trying to knock him out. The target audience is younger children. The minions talk in a different language that is equivalent to baby talk.

The main strength of the ad is the music. The songs they use are very popular and now when people hear those songs they will associate them with the movie. Another strength that the movie has is the creativity. Gru loses all his clothes when the villain is blowing him off the ship and when he is blown off he is caught by the bubble and it catches him so you know he doesn't have close on which causes the audience to laugh. Some of the weaknesses the trailer has is the beginning doesn't really tie into the rest of the trailer. The people in the other car don't have anything to do with the villain or the rest of the trailer at all. Although it has weaknesses the trailer is memorable because of its humor. The trailer end with the funniest scene so that is what the audience will remember the most. A lot of children love the minions in the movie so when they display the minions in the trailer it appeals to the target audience even more. The minions tend to be the ones causing trouble and mayhem in the previous trailers and that is something younger children can relate to.

Forbes posted an article about the trailer when it came out in December stating that "Despicable Me 3 is going to be one of the biggest movies of the summer." The popularity that the other movies generated was tremendous and created millions of dollars in revenue. They also discussed that even if parents are sick of seeing Gru, children aren't.

Based on the trailer I would consider going to see the movie. I have younger siblings that are dying to see it so I will probably end up taking them to go see it. Younger kids love the minions and think the are hilarious. I would recommend the movie to parents with younger children.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 2

Topic 1
One account I follow is Cute Emergency. It posts pictures of animals, most of them are pretty comical. I love animals which is the main reason I follow this account. Another account I follow is travel. I love seeing pictures from different countries and how beautiful they are. I do have to say they make me pretty jealous though and I want to go on vacation all the time. I also follow Hunter Hayes because I love country music and his music.

The funniest post I have see lately was by the Cute Emergency account. I love corgis so I thought this picture was adorable.

I don't really like social media that much. I have a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest but I never really get on Facebook or Instagram because of the drama I constantly see. I use Pinterest for looking at DIY activities and cooking recipes. I absolutely hate twitter and to be honest I am upset that I had to make one for this class. I deleted mine last year because all I saw was negative things and people bashing on each other. No matter who you follow you see some sort of drama.
Topic 2
I agree with a lot of things being said in the video. The point she makes bout how were together but no together is spot on. When I am trying to talk to my younger sisters I feel like I am talking to myself half of the time because they are on their phones. I also agree with the fact about how the man feels like he has to colleagues any more. This is relatable to how I feel with my classmates. When I walk into a classroom everyone is on their phones an no one wants to talk to one another.
My family doesn't put much effort into making sure we are listening to one another instead of being on our phones. My parents are carefree when it comes to the topic. The one thing I loved about living with my boyfriend the past year is that his family is big on not being on your phone a lot so we would spend a lot of time having actual conversations. We made it a point to never be on our phones while eating dinner whether we were at home or a restaurant. 
I'm not a big fan of digital gaming. I don't have any games downloaded on my phone. Most of the time I am working and cant be on my phone anyways. I get on social media probably twice a day. I usually check my email, get on Pinterest, and sometimes check Instagram. I do this when I wake up in the morning and at night when I get off work before I do my homework. I do think that people who are gamers feel a connectivity with other gamers. My brother plays video games all day long during the summer and even when he goes to his friends house they are playing video games.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 1 Blog

Topic 1
Hello! My name is Kalene Wheeler and I am from Hermiston which is in Eastern Oregon. I have two more terms left at LBCC and then I will have me AAOT. My goal is to become and event planner and I am interning this summer for a company named Krisanthemums to prepare for the future.

Something that I am interested in learning about media is how it has shaped the world and how it has grown over the years. I find it interesting how much media impacts our daily lives.

In my spare time I go hiking or camping, anything outdoors really. I have a blue heeler named Paisley that I adore. I also love to play softball and go running.

Topic 2
My three main source for media would probably be Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I would say I use these the most because they are easily accessible and I find them easy to navigate. I would say many of the sources on social media aren't very reliable unless its a checked source by the media itself. They sometimes will decipher it from another account so you know its reliable. I think fake information is something that happens a lot, especially on social media. It is important to read things thoroughly and check the sources before you share it. Like the woman said in the video, fake information can cause danger to other people's lives. This is why it is important to know what you're sharing is true.